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Day 19 – Thursday May 17th: No Rain Yet ….

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Day 19th: We’ve picked up some cool things along the way on our trip, some of which we’ve added to the decor of our room. We’ll add some more before this weekend is over.


Ann spent much of the day stuffing Spring Willys Reunion participant bags with various freebies with Bob’s wife Mindy.

Bob and I snuck away in his CJ-3B to go visit the local Jeep dealership. On our way this car drove past us, then thought he’d show off his muscle. His ability to outrun an-f-head power jeep with a hydraulic lift was impressive, lol.


We were going to the dealership, because Bob thought he was picking up a few give-away items for the raffle, but it turned out his contact was gone today. However, Josh and some of the other guys were excited to see a vintage dually jeep outside.

2018-05-17-bob-cj3b3 2018-05-17-bob-cj3b2

It turned out Josh had a slightly modified CJ-5 he drives to work. So, he showed us his rig. Both these guys hope to drop by the reunion.2018-05-17-josh-cj5
We returned to an empty parking lot. So far, it hasn’t rained yet, but the weather forecast still claims it will rain on Friday and Saturday. Hopefully, this parking lot will stay nice and dry. 
2018-05-17-aurora-reunion-lotFriday should be a busy day. Ann will be off to visit her relatives in the evening, while I work the booth for a while, then prep for Saturday’s presentation.

<– Day 18 – Wed. May 16th: We’ve Arrived in Aurora | Day 20 – Friday May 18th: Reunion Day 1 –>


2 Comments on “Day 19 – Thursday May 17th: No Rain Yet ….

  1. Maury

    Glad to have helped out with the decor a bit! Is Ann’s Achilles feeling at least somewhat better now that The Boot has alleviated the strain?

    I spoke with Lawrence yesterday, and he reiterated how much he appreciated you coming to see him. Van enjoyed the gathering as well, in spite of getting overheated!


  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Maury, I thought you’d like that 🙂 It actually did warm up the decor! I’m happy to hear how tickled Lawrence was by our visit. We had a good time.

    – Dave

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