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Day 20 – Friday May 18th: Reunion Day 1

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UPDATE: Site was down for a while earlier today. The squirrels that power the state-of-the art server went on strike for more peanuts. We tossed in some salted ones and everything is back to normal.


Stacy, Russ and I chatting about Alaska Or Rust.

Day 20: Friday was the first day of the reunion. The expect rain didn’t show. It was busier than expected. It was great to meet so many readers! On Saturday, the rain is expected in the afternoon, but hopefully that stays away again. Late Friday evening, some of the Alaska Or Rust gang hung out under our awning. Naturally the conversation digressed from plutonium and radium issues to corncobs, butter and body parts. Alcohol may have played a part in that. We sure did laugh.

Here are some photos from earlier in the day:

2018-05-18-aurora-reunion15 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion14 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion13

2018-05-18-aurora-reunion11 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion10 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion9 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion8 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion62018-05-18-aurora-reunion7 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion5 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion4 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion2 2018-05-18-aurora-reunion1

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11 Comments on “Day 20 – Friday May 18th: Reunion Day 1

  1. Dave from Mn

    Nice article on the history of empire tractors. I had been wondering about their timeline and variations , since I saw a couple last year.

  2. Luis

    All the good shows happen up north, you lucky guys. Nothing really big in Texas except steers and queers!😂 Looks like a fine time with some good people.👍 Thanks Dave for sharing this with us.

  3. John North Willys

    welcome back , that looks like my jeepster except I cant see any possums or raccoons ? one of my 48 jeepsters is knee deep in highly toxic raccoon scat . google search raccoon poo and you will see why i’m wary of getting near it . that’s just one jeepster , multiply that by 5 and you have mountains of filthy raccoon droppings , I think some of it may be common house cat and possum poop ? the only recommended method of removing raccoon flop is wearing a full chemical suit , breather and torching the poop with an torch . the raccoon round worms , BAYLISASCARIS PROCYONIS , are extremely toxic . raccoons can also have SALMONELLA , LEPTOSPIROSIS , GIARDIA and HOOF and MOUTH DISEASE . so now you see why I haven’t been JEEPSTERING for over 45 years . sincerely , your faithful servant , Jonh North Willys

  4. Dave from Mn

    Marty, I didn’t notice that before. Looks like a 3b with a 5 grill and hood?

  5. David Eilers

    We were just debating that odd cj5/cj3b. It’s an odd one. It had WILLYS stamped into the front of the hood. It could be a prototype.

  6. Keith

    That was Bob W’s reproduction of the Willys Prototype X98 with a few extra features added.
    Many of us feel that was what the CJ3B was supposed to look like.

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