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1968 M-151A2 Golden, CO **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $12,900.





“M151A2 fully restored, Tan
This military jeep is fully restored…from NM/TX area , bought from a Customs and Border Patrol Agent in Las Cruces, NM. Minor nicks and military equipment attachment holes (such as Fording kit, etc.) visible. Vehicle is original and not modified. It was never cut or demilled in any way. Lots of new parts installed from RAPCO Parts Co.

This is a used military vehicle and restored with new maint and lots of accessories. Complete top to bottom restoration with new tires, good running (arsenal rebuilt) engine, new lenses on tail and stop lights. New radiator. Painted Gillespie tan (Sand). New battery box metal was the only part added. No bondo added to this vehicle – there were no major body issues in this vehicle-restating: IT WAS NEVER CUT ANYWHERE.

Odometer says 29k miles but instrument panel including speedo was out of the vehicle when purchased so may have been replaced. Two gauges were replaced when the panel was replaced in the vehicle but not the speedo. Comes with pioneer tools and gas can with NOS tie-down straps from RAPCO. New batteries in place. Clean and newly lined gas tank with new fuel pick up. ROPS kit installed (including the original seat belts) along with top bows and side rods. NOS vinyl top, doors, and side curtains included. Original and nice condition seat cushions and seat backs installed. New windshield.

New Firestone 700X16 NDCC tires. Marked for II Field Force Viet Nam with 101st AB (Airborne) plus lower unit markings. Runs, starts, & drives. Restorer believes it was a NM/TX jeep and was found in El Paso area. Former owner commissioned and completed the restoration and took the jeep completely apart….garaged all of the time it was under restoration.
List of New and NOS Parts Added
NOS A2 hood
NOS A2 windshield with glass and wipers plus wiper motor
NOS rear bumperettes
NOS radiator mounts/ bushings/rubbers
New exhaust parts and gaskets
NOS engine and Transmission mounts
NOS speedo cable
Speedo adapter to transmission
NOS windshield mount/lock pins to the hinges
NOS windshield rubber gasket- correct, thick-A2 style
NOS wiper blades
NOS signal light lenses
New primer and tan paint (correct for Middle East deployment)
NOS top, doors, side curtains with door frames
New tires all around – Denman correct 7.00 X 16s for M151 series jeeps
New markings – correct for vehicle year and type
New radiator
new dimension plate
new data plate -old one included with sale
correct axle cap tie downs
Engine was arsenal rebuild when installed
New rubber shields on trans and brake handles
New instrument panel gauges and components including wiring harness.
Complete ROPS kit with original seat belts with top frame attached.”


11 Comments on “1968 M-151A2 Golden, CO **SOLD**

  1. mike

    I remember visiting Picatinny Arsenal back i n the early 1990’s and seeing the army cut these 15i in half then crushing them under a press, couldn’t buy one complete, was the law of the land. Does anybody know why the government did this? Other vehicles were sold complete.

  2. Gliii

    Even though development of the 151 began in the early ’50’s, somehow the fact that the design of the rear suspension could cause the vehicle to roll over in turns, or abrupt maneuvers “seemed” to escape everyone’s attention. It was accepted by the military & put into service anyway. Probably to save face, after such a long development & the amount of money spent on the project. The 4 wheel independent suspension worked well off road, but could be a handful on the highway. To prevent civilian casualties/deaths/lawsuits, it was mandated that they be rendered unusable before being deemed surplus. The unibody had to be cut in an X pattern then sold as scrap. The military instituted a training program to teach personnel how drive them & there were A1,A2, & possibly A3 versions to fix the problem. Not sure about the A3.

  3. David Rogers

    I am interested in talking with Dave about this jeep, is there a contact number or email
    other than craigslist

  4. Steven Strube

    I am interested in punching your jeep please contact me back. 907-306-0000 I have the cash in hand.

  5. Alaska Paul

    Why do you want to punch this M151? Why do you want the seller to contact your back? Sometimes things get a little weird here in the northland.

  6. AJ

    I was a member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade (Sep) when we were sent to Vietnam. I was also a member of the 101st Airborne Division when I left the Military. Both units are displayed on the rear bumper pads. I drove one of the first M151 Jeeps and was required to attend a six hour training course before a license was issued. I loved the Little Jeep, my Combat Patrols consisted of driving the Brass from Bin Hoa to Saigon and around Base Camp area, sometime with a trailer attached. Precious Memories of a time long ago. I probably could not justify the purchase, but I might be interested if the Jeep is still available. The Photo of the M151 is also appreciated. The only one I have seen since the War is at the Ft. Campbell, Ky., 101st Airborne’s Division Museum…and it’s painted up all fancy…

  7. John Shanton

    I am looking for a MUTT for my unit – the 111th Attack Wing. The History Section would like to fix one up for display to the public. During the Vietnam era, I was a TACP with the unit – the then 111th Tactical Support Group. We operated a fleet of MRC 108 – radio communication version of the M151.
    I would appreciate any help regarding this. Thanks!

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