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Year? GPW Waldenburg, CO **Status Unknown**

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UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $14,400.

(03/21/2018) Listed as a 1941.

“1941 Ford WW II Jeep GPW
Complete! Runs and drives excellent. Rebuilt motor, transmission, transfer case, and differentials. New gas tank, brakes, exhaust, generator and regulator and more that is not listed.
Great restoration-even has ax, shovel and brass fire extinguisher.”

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9 Comments on “Year? GPW Waldenburg, CO **Status Unknown**

  1. Ray

    Looks pretty good as I am by no means a expert. Any body have any concerns? Would love to hear them…

  2. Bob in Colorado

    This GPW doesn’t appear to have a fuel filter on the firewall above the voltage regulator. I always like to see the underneath for rust including the hat channels. I don’t understand why the fender wasn’t repaired. It does look good. I don’t claim to be an expert on GPW’s. I am a Willys MB person.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    It would help to know the year, as there were changes over the years. Anytime some describes a GPW as a “1941” it makes me wonder if the seller really knew much about the jeep. For example, does it have F-marked parts still or were they replaced with generic parts. All that will affect the value.

    The most glaring thing to me is the lack of combat rims. Also, at least one gauge looks modern. The hood hinge has rust pitting .. was the rust properly treated before being painted? It certainly looks like it was repainted with a slighting different OD color.

    So, to me, there are some little things that might make me question the asking price. Still, overall, it seems like a solid jeep.

    – Dave

  4. Ray

    Yes I was thinking the same as you guys, I did talk to the owner today and it’s a low number jeep. The hat channels are good per the owner. Yes he did tell me there were no combat rims and had to have new canvas for the seats but there is no top or wind shield cover. I talked to him for about 45 mins. He did answer all my questions as honest as I could tell, he is older gentleman and hand jeeps before. Tranny and engine were gone through as he said he has the paper work, it drives as it should good oil pressure and water temp[ s normal. He said all works as it should. Tranny does not pop out of gear and it’s the ordinal body. Plenty of Ford marked parts as well. Good pick up on the gauge I did see that as well but I need to call him back about that. No death wobble as well. Converted to 12 volt as well. Nice thing is I have a friend who lives 1.5 hours away, he is willing to take a look at it for me and send me a bunch of pictures. Owner said it has a minor Diff leak but nothing major. He is going to send me some pictures of the undercarriage hopefully sometime today. I will keep you posted. I am still looking at that tribute jeep back east for 10k still tempting looks well done, most people would not have a clue just depends how much shipping would be compared how much I would spend to buy other components for this one but both are in consecration. But in no hurry!

  5. Ray Collier

    I Dave even thought I bought the other jeep, I did talk to the owner of this one, I asked him about the gauge on the dash it’s a altimeter. Is just mounted there with Velcro. Thought you guys would like to know.

  6. Craig/Vermont

    There should be a stamped frame number that would indicate what year it is…no GPW’s in ’41…

  7. David Eilers Post author

    hi Ivan,

    I haven’t seen this relisted on Craigslist recently. I’ve updated the post. If I see the jeep relisted, I will drop you an email.

    – Dave

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