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1961 DJ-3A Tulsa, OK $6500

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UPDATE: Still Available. 

(08/18/2015) “1961 Willy’s Jeep CJ3. This is the original paint, minimal rust, all hubcaps, and is in really good shape. It was put into storage approx 18 months ago running. Has new distributor, plug wires, battery etc..”

1961-dj3a-tulsa-ok1 1961-dj3a-tulsa-ok2 1961-dj3a-tulsa-ok3


2 Comments on “1961 DJ-3A Tulsa, OK $6500

  1. colin peabody

    I sent the seller an email to get more information. Hope to hear back from him. Those clips look like they might have been the attaching points for the tonneau cover on the convertible model? Any other guesses??

  2. Charles

    Exactly like the convertible top rod clips on mine and Bills and others I have seen.

    I lightened up the pic from the front in the Craigslist ad and the windshield still has the convertible top turn fasteners still attached.

    DJ convertible turn fasteners, that I know of, don’t have sheet metal attaching screw studs that screw into the metal. Instead the studs are threaded and the fasteners are held on with a small star type washer and nut making these appear correct.

    Has the convertible door fastening channel on the windshield and at least some of the other door fastening hardware.

    Pictures aren’t great but probable 3 leaf spring packs.

    Price seems high especially if the door frames and folding top bows have been disposed of over the years.

    Those are ‘almost’ impossible to find.

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