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1965 FJ-6A Nashville, TN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4490.

(01/05/2018) Needs some work and some paint.

“Cool Jeep Fleetvan from 1965 known as the FJ6-a model. Truck is in very good shape for the age with hardly any rust issues. Very hard to find these today especially in this condition.

The vehicle runs off a gas can. It has an electronic fuel pump that was installed too far away from the tank and too high. Needs to be moved close to tank as they push rather than pull. Will try to do this…

All glass is good except one of the front windshields. Flat glass so cost should be low.The only issue is the back door is currently off. I have the pieces in the van but will need some work.

No title..bill of sale only. Sold as is where is no refunds.”

1965-fj6-fleetvan-nashville-tn0 1965-fj6-fleetvan-nashville-tn2 1965-fj6-fleetvan-nashville-tn3


12 Comments on “1965 FJ-6A Nashville, TN **SOLD**

  1. Dan Spurlock

    I’m interested in purchasing this Jeep. I hope it is still available. Saw Jeep on


  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Dan,

    I haven’t seen this relisted recently on Craigslist. I’ve updated the post. If I see it relisted, I will drop you an email.

    – Dave

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Jenn,

    I have not seen it listed in on Craigslist for a while, so I expect it sold. I’ll update the post.

    – Dave

  4. Richard Schwab

    I bought this Jeep FJ6 and had all the bodywork done and had it painted Blue and Silver. I put on a new exhaust pipe and muffler, flushed the gas tank, checked compression, new plugs, fuel pump, gas filter, carburetor, windshield, new custom front bumper and added step to rear bumper. chromed wipers, etc, powder coated door handles and completely rebuilt back pull down door with the help of Whiting Door. I did many other things including going through all the lights and wiring, new battery etc. It is all stock and runs about 50mph. I will be selling it in a month or so for around $12,000. I have current photos. How do I contact you to do so.

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the update Richard. Sounds like you’ve done a lot of work on it! Just email me via and I’ll let you know what I need to list it.

    – Dave

  6. Richard Schwab

    Sorry it’s been so long. I had to have the transmission rebuilt @ $2500 and still have some powder coating to do on mirror brackets, etc. Hopefully in another month.

  7. Richard Schwab

    I got it back after having AAMCO rebuild the transmission and had the engine checked out. So far it’s another $2200 to rebuild the engine, top end, timing gear, chain etc. and still the new carb gets loaded with rust. I had to pull the gas tank and it couldn’t be repaired so I had to replace it. Very difficult and expensive to find. Now with new gas tank, sender, lines, another new filter, it should be fine. ($722). It has a generator and I bought the alternator kit with a Jeep mount. If the generator works I’ll just include the alternator. If not I’ll install it. With all this time and incredible expense I guess I’ll replace the dash with an aluminum one and new instruments, maybe a Grant steering wheel and then sell it at a great loss. It looks better and better but I’m getting tired of all the problems I used to fix myself but now at 74 I can’t and have to pay attorney wages to get decent mechanics.

  8. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks for the update Richard … I know these old jeeps can seem like cheap projects, but when you have to pay someone else, it sure does get expensive! Good luck with everything!

    – Dave

  9. Richard G. Schwab

    Dave, I got the FJ6 running well now. Rebuilt trans $2500, rebuilt engine $2500, replaced fuel tank $700, new oil bath air cleaner $300, new dash instrument cluster, etc, new tires, hubs powder coated along with door handles, polished roof rack, etc, etc. I’ve had 157 cars so I’m definitely a Car Owner Virus victim but none stop traffic like this one. I will be ready to sell in a week when all the remaining parts come in.

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