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1958 Austin Gypsy Prescott Valley, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

Looks like a good restoration candidate.


“Well, I used to find stuff like this all the time.Not so much anymore.This is 1958 Austin Gypsy. British early SUV.There are very,very few of these in North America. I found this up in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California. Where it had sat in a field since 1972. The seller said it was pretty much rustfree. Until we pulled it out the dirt it that sank into.Showing rust along both lower rocker areas due to said dirt. There is also rust in the tool box bottoms where someone bolted in a rollbar a long time ago.

Rest of the body and frame are not bad. The original engine turns over fine and looks like most everything is there. The front differential and axles are missing. Though part of it and the front driveshaft are in the back area of the Gypsy. The engine turns over nicely.The wheels and hubs are al free and move nicely. This truck has sat for over 45 years. It will need everything. But what a neat vehicle to work with.
I travel around the West Coast with my truck and trailer and might be able to get it to you or close”



3 Comments on “1958 Austin Gypsy Prescott Valley, AZ **SOLD**

  1. Matt

    Lots of work to be done here but 4 wheel independent suspension? WOW. Appears front drive shaft and axles are M.I.A. (as far as I could tell)

  2. David Eilers Post author


    The Austin Champs also had the independent suspension. The downside of both models is that they are heavy, there aren’t many of them in the US (from which to scrounge parts — I learned this first hand) and most parts have to be shipped from the UK.
    – Dave

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