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1944 GPW Capitola, CA $3500

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A project that likely has a CJ body with some modified steps.

“-Up for sale is a 1944 Ford GPW Jeep.
-Needs a lot of work. Project vehicle.
-Was inherited from family member who passed away. While he was able to start and drive it, unsure if we can.
-Currently on non-op status with DMV
-Pink slip in hand”






2 Comments on “1944 GPW Capitola, CA $3500

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Dave, now the CL ad is saying “$3500”. Maybe the seller raised the price based on demand?
    Either way it could be worth a look. But “General Purpose”? REALLY? …don’t get me started 😉

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Maybe I mis-typed? I can’t remember. I thought it was a good price at the time. I agree on GP ….

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