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1960 DJ-3A + ’92 Wrangler Deerfield Beach, FL $5500

• CATEGORIES: DJ-3A, Other 4x4s

Seems like a good price for both? The DJ’s drain holes have been filled/patched.

“1960 willys jeep D J 3 W 2 D 5.500 AND 1992 WANGLER 4X4 CONPLETE ROOM GOOD 5.500”

1960-dj3a-fl1 1960-dj3a-fl2 1960-dj3a-fl3


2 Comments on “1960 DJ-3A + ’92 Wrangler Deerfield Beach, FL $5500

  1. SteveK

    In the pic of the DJ ‘hooked up behind the Wrangler’, you can see the damaged side panel, rust spots and the drain hole still there, and possibly some hood damage as well. Other pics you can see the “filler” dripping off the bottom of the panel and the drain hole is ‘filled’, literally. But, it is stated BOTH using “and” between descriptions, so at $5500 for BOTH, that could be a pretty good deal potentially, depending on what else is not known until you inspect them.

  2. Glennstin

    I count 5 studs on the left front DJ wheel shown so I’m guessing converted to 4WD tho looking at the ad it seems to say 2 WD. Does have a flathead shown.

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