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2 GPWs Salado, TX **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

Hopefully someone can put these to good use.

“For Sale: Two World War II open jeeps. The two jeeps, both are chassis, “franken” Ford GPW jeeps. Darker colored GPW with body has no motor or transmission with a nice Ford tub and Ford Frame with good data plates rolling on OEM 15 x 4.5″ rims and excellent rubber, and the other GPW is a chassis, on Ford GPW frame, no tub, with a CJ L134 motor, D-18 transfer case and T-90 gearbox. There is no serial number visible on this frame. It has been covered with a repaired motor mount. It is rolling on ND military 16″ tires on standard steel stamped rims. I am selling both jeeps for $3500.00 in cash, no checks. Trades will be considered with cash. Both the jeeps are all rolling chassis and will easily roll up on a trailer.
Both jeeps are located on our ranch in Salado, Texas, about 1:15 minutes NNE of Austin, TX, and about an hour SSW of Waco Texas, about 9 miles due East of I-35, midway between the village of Salado and Holland, TX.
I can and will assist with your shipper, but again, you must have paid for the jeeps in full before they leave our property.”

2-gpws-salado-tx1 2-gpws-salado-tx2


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