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2018 Willys America Open House

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This past weekend was the 2018 Willys America Open House. Thanks to Paul Barry for hosting and for Scramboleer Dan for posting photos and reports at the Old Willys Forum. You can see all the photos here (you must be logged in to see most of the photos). I’ve posted a few pics below.

2018-willys-america-openhouse5 2018-willys-america-openhouse4 2018-willys-america-openhouse3 2018-willys-america-openhouse2


5 Comments on “2018 Willys America Open House

  1. Steve E.

    I hated missing the Caravan this year. I hope Dan can lead the tour again next year, too. This is my favorite automobile tour with a great group of Willys folks.


    Our group made it this year, consisted of 3 MB, a CJ-6 and my red CJ-3A. Overall turnout seemed a little smaller than last year. Was still fun though. In the back of the “museum” there was a Willys motor on a stand that someone rigged up a turbo.. Looked like an older job but turned up the crazy to 11. Nuts. Another guy stopped by in a Aircraft tug, I think that’s what was (a CJ-10?) just for a little bit, saw some West Coast Willys flyers on it so maybe part of their crew?


    in one of the pictures I see a WILLYS TRAVELER ? — and it looks like a TORNADO 230 under the hood ?? — I want that , please name a price ? — i’d put 2 overdrives on it , a WARN and a RANCHO and head out to NEVADA — U.S. 50 — and head east to WHEELER PEAK — QUICKLY !!

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Vlad … Yep, Paul has a Traveler. He’s as knowledgeable as anyone I know about them. … I thought your ankle monitor prohibited travel? 🙂

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