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1962 DJ-3A Middlesex, NY $20,000

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Glenn spotted this DJ-3A. The paint looks nice on this (and nearly matches Patterson). Seller suggests this is a museum quality restoration, but it’s missing hubcaps, the air cleaner hose, and the horn button. It also lacks the windshield twist locks for the soft top and the soft top itself. The passenger side seat looks a little low.

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2 Comments on “1962 DJ-3A Middlesex, NY $20,000

  1. Charles Tate

    I like Patterson better!

    This one is so expensive I’m going to pick it to death with just what I see, in addition to the missing hubcaps, the horn button and the air cleaner hose.

    For the money they’re asking that work while pretty is missing way too many original details to call this anywhere close to Museum quality. In addition to what you mentioned the wirings missing a junction box for the turn signals and headlights which means the wirings not museum quality. Wrong bolts in the back of the bed would have been easy to have done right because repro’s are easily available and cheap. The one electric wiper is non original. It’s missing a manual wiper and a hood bolt too.
    If they filled holes in the bed for the brackets where else did they put bondo. Hating the fuel can bracket and no way can this be Museum quality with the wrong tail lights. Besides that, the spare tire rim they’re so proud of that they didn’t put a hubcap on is already getting a rust stain peaking through.
    And what did they do, just go ahead and paint over the data plate too? I don’t care how nice it looks in pictures that’s just plain sloppy.
    Beware of pretty red paint, especially if you’re thinking of spending this kind of money. Better crawl under it and look and go over everything not mentioned with a fine tooth comb. It’s not the jeep that really bothers me because it really does look nice…it’s the description advertising it as something it’s not that raises up the hair on the back of my neck!

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