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1943 Photo of Jeep in Glider **SOLD**

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UPDATE: This is really interesting. Here’s a photo op from the same day, but from slightly different angles. I’m wondering if it is the work of two separate photographers. 

1943-03-13-glider-photo2Note that I darkened the caption page, as it was hard to read in its existing lighter format.


eBay pics from 2014.




From 2013 on eBay … the caption looks suspiciously identical to the top image’s caption, but perhaps photoshopped a little?

“1943- Loaded with six soldiers, jeep sits inside CG-4 glider during training at the Victorville Army Flying School in California.”




3 Comments on “1943 Photo of Jeep in Glider **SOLD**

  1. steve

    That looks like an adventure I would want to miss. The glider boys did what they had to do……………

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