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Odd Ramsey Winch Plate

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I saw this odd Ramsey Winch commemorative(?) plate on eBay and thought it was the oddest looking plate. After winning it and looking at it in person, this plate is even weirder. It turns out the thing is see through. So, when looking at it on a table, it looks black with gold and white designs of jeeps and winches. But, when held up to the window (we discovered this accidentally), it is see through and the illustrations stand out in a different way as you can see.

It is light, some type of glass, and pretty much useless functionally. Given the Gladiator, I would guess this was produced in the mid 1960s.
ramsey-plate2 ramsey-plate1


5 Comments on “Odd Ramsey Winch Plate

  1. Robert Mooler

    that’s about as odd as the TIMKEN BEARING COMMEMORATIVE lucite paperweight I bought off eBay

  2. dennis a rhoades

    Awesome, I have 67 Gladiator with Ramsey PTO. Plate would be very fitting for collection.

  3. David Eilers Post author


    I don’t really have a use for it. I paid $20 for it, so I’ll sell it for that amount, plus shipping (USPS would shipping would probably be $8. Email me at if interested.

    I also have a Ramsey Approved Jeep Equipment binder with their PTO specs for different PTOs, winches, with installation instructions and a Ramsey winch service manual. I don’t have a use for it. Let me know if that’s of interest and I’ll send some pics.

    – Dave

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