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Toledo Jeep Fest is This Weekend

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toledo-jeep-fest5Thanks to Roger Martin, we have some early pics from the Toledo Jeep Fest. It is happening this weekend.  You can see his FC with the Ottawa Factory Mounted Backhoe on it. He had to work hard to get it ready for this weekend’s event.

We’ll start with Bob Christy’s CJ-3B, which he posted to Facebook (thanks Bob!):


Here are Roger’s pics:

toledo-jeep-fest01 toledo-jeep-fest0


toledo-jeep-fest1 toledo-jeep-fest3

Here was Roger’s FC earlier this summer:

toledo-jeep-fest-teardown1 toledo-jeep-fest-teardown2


6 Comments on “Toledo Jeep Fest is This Weekend


    Dave, The pictures of me working on my FC 170 DRW truck with the Ottawa back hoe on it were taken Thursday night. I still had to put the front end together, put tires back on, put on some brake lines and master cylinder, put ujoints in the pto shaft that runs the hydraulic pump, install the main hydraulic hoses that run the hoe, vacuum out the hydraulic tank and clean out all the sludge, fill it with hydraulic oil, grease the whole truck and backhoe, and clean up the truck and backhoe. I had it loaded on my 32 foot deck, tandum axel, dual wheel gooseneck trailer by 130 pm. I took a quick shower and was on the road to the Jeep Fest at Toledo by 2:00. Thursday night, i looked at it and thought I wouldn’t get it done in time and about threw in the towel and gave up. But I stuck with it all night. It was long 2 days with no sleep. As always, thanks for putting this on your eWillys site. Next time you are in Ohio, you can actually run it instead of just look at it like you did this spring.


    those things are childs play —I used to fix aerial bucket lifts — very dangerous — almost lost an arm in a telsta t40 boom

  3. Emmett

    Love the backhoe, I want one badly. But maybe the CJ5 version. Side note, that’s my black Mitsubishi in the first photo lineup.

  4. Blaine

    Roger, I’m glad that you made it to the show with the FC and thanks for sharing the pictures with us.

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