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Dodge Power Wagon Atlanta, GA $4999 **SCAM?**

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Tom shared this ad for a restored-looking Dodge Power Wagon for only $4999. It seems to be a scam, as that is a crazily good price.

“Dodge power wagon wc56
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me and leave your email addres, for a better communication, Thank for time.”



4 Comments on “Dodge Power Wagon Atlanta, GA $4999 **SCAM?**

  1. Tim

    “please feel free to email me and leave your email addres”…absolute scam. In fact this is online SCAM 101. I teach my students about this one every year. Notice the spelling error, and word(s) left out. The remainder of the message is written in an awkward fashion too. Most likely the creator of this ad does not speak English as their primary language.

  2. Mike Pumphrey

    Not to mention, the Dodge Command Car with the factory winch was a WC-57, not a 56. I would think the seller of a restored vehicle like this would know what they have, even if it’s an estate or such. It’s missing the top bows and canvas, but still a $20k+ vehicle.

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