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2018 Willys Am Tegernsee (WAT) Convention

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CeePee and the Willys Am Tegernsee (WAT) group had the convention a few weeks ago in Southern Germany. Despite the dry, hot weather for much of the summer, on the day of the convention the weather turned rainy. However, in his post about the event, CeePee reminded readers that “Nasty weather is only considered as another challenge by jeepers. That’s what makes them special too”.

The group welcomed a couple visitors from Australia, one of whom showed the group how to wipe a raw potato across the windshield to keep the rain from sticking to the windshield. You can read more in CeePee’s report, which is written in both German and English.


2018-tegernsee-event2 2018-tegernsee-event1 2018-tegernsee-event4



6 Comments on “2018 Willys Am Tegernsee (WAT) Convention

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Such an amazing group, super cool event, and beautiful scenery! Did the Australians bring/ship their own jeep for this? This event is still on my bucket list… but looks like I’ll need a canvas top and wet weather gear ;-).

  2. David Eilers Post author


    I can’t tell if they brought a jeep or not. But, if you go, I’ll do my best to join you.

  3. CeePee

    Hello guys! This is CeePee from the TeePee… 🙂
    First of all I want to thank Dave for taking us on his website and share the event.
    We sure did have a great time. Again!
    Our Australian visitors didn’t bring their jeep. We let them use one of ours…
    If anybody of you should make it to join in, we’ll find one for you too!
    Our tour through beautiful Bavarian fall is planned for October 20th… Maybe you can make it 😉
    Everybody have a good time and let’s keep’em rolling!

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