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1945 Photo of Ford GPA (SEEP) on ebay

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The GPA doesn’t look customized to me. However, the photo itself looks doctored, as if the GPA wasn’t photographed at that spot.

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“1945 Press Photo Ray Bridges in a customized Jeep in Birmingham. This is an original press photo. Ray Bridges, Birmingham, Jeep loses decision Photo measures 10 x 8.25 inches. Photo is dated 9-27-1945.”

1945-09-27-ford-gpa-birmingham1 1945-09-27-ford-gpa-birmingham2


5 Comments on “1945 Photo of Ford GPA (SEEP) on ebay

  1. Luis in South Texas

    Picture looks like a Photoshop. Please excuse if multiple comments, having trouble with iPad.

  2. Blaine

    Maybe it was customized by adding a stealth hovercraft feature as it appears to be floating in the air and the shadow under it is foggy.


    they were called ” seeps ” because they ” seeped ” H20 — too bad they couldn’t seal them up better ??? — DUKKS don’t leak ??

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