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Air Cleaners Washougal, WA


Blaine’s got these air cleaners for sale.

“— Donaldson air cleaner. Good condition. Small dent in the top. Dirty and I haven’t opened it. OEM part number 923388. —————————————- $120

— Donaldson air cleaner. The perforated air inlet has been cut out for a modification. The brackets have been also changed but can be returned to normal. Two tiny rust holes in the bottom needs repaired. Other than that there is no rust. OEM part number 923388. ————- $50.

— Original air cleaner assembly from a 1953 CJ3A. Oakes type, fits 1945-53 Willys Jeep CJ2A, CJ3A, pickup, Wagon, with 134 4 cylinder. This was originally black and had repainted twice. Has a few small dents ——————————————————– $90”


5 Comments on “Air Cleaners Washougal, WA

  1. Blaine

    These air cleaners are mine. The website Dave mentioned belongs to Richard Darr and not associated with me but I do send people his way.

  2. Robert L Willard

    Blaine is there anyway u could email me and I give you my number so we could talk please sir

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