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1967 Cover of ‘For Men Only’ Magazine

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UPDATE: This was originally posted in April of 2013. I just found a larger version of the illustration by Mort Künstler.


“Original January, 1967 For Men Only magazine. This 8.5 X 11 in. (approx.) 90+ page magazine is in good condition. It shows a couple transporting a Jeep across a gorge while being shot at. See scan.”



8 Comments on “1967 Cover of ‘For Men Only’ Magazine



    Check the link above for this post, it seems to take you the article below on ebay:

    Jeep on the Cover of For Men Only on eBay


  2. Bob OB

    I always wondered if Carnival Nympho’s were real… but seriously,nice period artwork.

  3. mmdeilers Post author


    Thanks. I fixed it. Ebay forces me to enter the item number by hand to create the link (I can’t even copy and paste the number). So, at times I make mistakes. I wish they made the linking process easier.

    – Dave

  4. Buz

    Dave I’m with ya on ebay, ebay stinks, they need some competition. I had a problem with them this week and you call them type in some stupid code to get to someone and you’ll be lucky if you can get someone who speaks English as their first language. They are just impossible to deal with.

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