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1964 DJ-3A Cedar Falls, IA **SOLD**



That’s a pretty stock DJ-3A.  It doesn’t run at the moment.

“1964 jeep dispatcher (willy) 4 cylinder 2 wheel drive. In very good condition. It has been stored for many years so not currently running. It would be a great project jeep. Message me to come look at it.”

1964-dj3a-cedarfalls-ia1 1964-dj3a-cedarfalls-ia2

1964-dj3a-ia14 1964-dj3a-cedarfalls-ia4


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24 Comments on “1964 DJ-3A Cedar Falls, IA **SOLD**

  1. Glennstin

    We have examples of later model DJ3A’s with automatics in our DJ3A Production / Survivor List. Certainly an interesting item. If someone nearby looks at it, please ask if we may include details in our list. Probably never painted as see the “DISPATCHER” emblem.

  2. Steve Kreisher

    I always wondered why it said “Jeep Dispatcher”, and not “Dispatcher Jeep” as in DJ. It looks like that rear seat replaced the tailgate. More views would have been nice, like the interior and the back, and of that transmission too. It seems a solid and rare specimen.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    We’ve now seen a couple of these automatics, but I’ve not seen the transmission on it’s own. Do we know what tranny was used?

    Steve: That’s a good question. I can only assume it was to make the “JEEP” brand the first thing folks read?

    – Dave

  4. Colin Peabody

    It does have the normal complement of 1964 changes, the old style CJ2A radiator, the old style CJ2 and 3A emissions changes using the PCV setup rather than the road draft tube that previous DJ3As used. If it is an automatic, it would have been the Borg Warner unit, the same one that is in the 64 DJ3A owned by Dean LaChasse in Los Angeles. I sent you guys a couple of photos of Dean’s Jeep by email, actually two emails with info on the transmission.

    Shame there was no serial number given. I don’t know how to contact the seller through Facebook, do any of you?

  5. David Eilers Post author

    Colin … I sent her a message through FB to verify that it’s an automatic and learn more. There’s an option on the right of the photos to send a message.

  6. Roxanne Novak

    Contact me if you’d like to see the Jeep. It’s in good shape. Roxanne Novak 319 415 5556. It’s now priced at $4,999. Located in Iowa.

  7. Dinesh

    That’s a very clean dj3a.
    Looks to be on 670×15 tyres.
    Would be nice to see if we can get more information on the serial number.

  8. michael henry

    This dj3a looks exactly like my dj3a I bought in 1965. this has the same 13inch wheels mine has.
    the white half top and missing the tail gate. If the cargo are has been cut out one each side and the
    spare tire carrier is missing it may be one of the last ten built. If it is it will have a special order tag.
    special order D-3174-2. Serial number 820224410.

  9. Colin Peabody

    I spent a long time on the phone with Roxanne and her husband. The Jeep is not an automatic, and it has a floor shift. She will get more information tomorrow as the Jeep is located at her late father’s house. The Jeep has been stored for well over 40 years and her father bought it from the original owner who got in a financial bind just a couple of months after he bought it, and Roxanne’s father bought it from him . Her father only ever drove it a few times before he parked it, so it probably doesn’t have many miles on it. We talked price and I think she will come down considerably since the Jeep will have to have a lot of work down on the brakes and fuel system and if the motor is stuck, then more. I will know more tomorrow evening.

  10. Steve Kreisher

    IMO, this one belongs in a museum. Has all the options too still in tact, Dave, what about some of those contacts you met ‘with museums’ during your trips?

  11. Joe in Mesa

    Did you buy this one, Colin? It sure looks good. I really like that air cleaner (original?). Of course the first thing I’d do is remove that Navy sticker, or cover it with a more appropriate Army one :-)!

  12. David Eilers Post author

    Joe: Yes, that is the dry gauze air cleaner. It’s original.

    Steve: I can’t think of anyone museum-wise that this would interest.

  13. Dinesh

    Those parking lights are APSO marked and the harness retaining loops are so original.
    Have the same on my 1964 Dj3a under restoration.

  14. TJ

    The seller Roxanne is a very nice lady, and shared the history of the vehicle and her Dad. Unfortunately, her brother decided not to work with an out of state buyer, so I will have to pass, as I can’t leave to go get it for a few days. Will be a fun project for sure.

  15. Steve Kreisher

    If one looks closely, they can see the “original wiring locations and ‘thru the firewall hole usage’, a question presented on another site.

  16. Dinesh

    Wanted to know from where does the right side wiring from the regulator enters thru the firewall to the starter switch. One below the hole with the Speedo cable.?

  17. Joe DeYoung

    I have purchased this DJ and it now lives in Madison, WI. All are welcome to contact me if any want any data from this jeep. I have questions about it too. Is there a discussion forum dedicated to DJ’s?

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