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1968 CJ-6 Nashville, TN $7750

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UPDATE: Still Available.

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“They are hard to find because only about 50,000 rolled off the production line. This is a great Jeep that my family has enjoyed. I’m selling it because I’ve moved onto another custom Jeep project so no room for this one in the garage. It is not in perfect shape or a show room car but for its age it is in good shape. I think the thing has been painted 3 or 4 times so the body is mostly rust free as well. there are a few areas that looks like some rust got painted over but it is isolated and was that way when I got it and has not grown (I have some pictures if you would like to see) Want to be upfront about everything. There is awesome hand-painted pin-striping on the Jeep – this is one main reason that I have not repainted it because of the history.

I really like driving this jeep. Its is a lot of fun in the summer time. You can just take the sides off the top. In the winter time its unstoppable in the snow. There was quite a bit done to this jeep before I got it so I will tell you what I know. It is a great trail rig due to its longer (101in., 20in longer that a cj-5) wheel base but good departure angle, low range, and lockers front and rear diffs, but I also like driving it around town. So a lot of the stuff I did was to make it safer, more comfortable, and all around more drivable. Below is a list of all the modification

-Lifed to fit 33in tires.
-Steel Black Rock wheel with 33in all-terrains
-Warn D-18 over drive (this thing is great) with PTO
-Warn 8270 winch
-H.E.I. Distributors D.U.I. (Davis Unified Ignition) (runs like a top, starts up every time)
-Dakota digital Gauge make for CJ ( you can see exactly what the oil pressure is, water temp, voltage….. no guessing and looks nice – gas gauge does not work as previous owner put in a custom tank)
-Rear ARB locker
-Front Detroit Locker
-Dana 44 full float kit for rear
-Custom Chrome-moly axle shaft for rear axle
-Disk Breaks front and rear
-Dual master cylinder
-Rebuilt Transmission
-Advance Adapters JEEP CLUTCH CONTROL SYSTEM (takes all the play out of the clutch linkage great upgrade)
-Converted steering to a Borgeson style steering with the steering box up front like newer jeeps (using Advanced Adapter Kit) to get rid of the early CJ steering with the steering box under your feet and 100 linkages
-Full roll cage
-Rocky Road Sliders
-Skid Plate
-Soft top in great shape with zip off sides (really nice is the summer time)
-Bikini Top
-RainGear Jeep Cover
This is a great Jeep. It would make an awesome jeep to build up bigger or just keep it the way it is.”



7 Comments on “1968 CJ-6 Nashville, TN $7750

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Some folks need more mods, some folks need less or none. Vernon leans toward less. It all depends on what a person wants out of their jeep. I like them in all types of shapes, colors and styles.

    When I was just starting out cooking, an old prep cook told me (actually, many times he told me, each time like it was the first), “Dave,” He said, with a Burt Lancastrian twinkle in his eye, “If you lined up all the cooks in a row, they’d all point in different directions.” Meaning, they all have their own opinions. Same is true about jeep owners.

  2. Seth

    I thought so as well. I’m not a long way from him, but far enough that I would need some questions answered before I get in the car and spend a day hauling a trailer. Oh well. Onto the next CJ six.

  3. Willy

    I’m only a couple of hours away from him and if my money situation was better, it would have been sitting in my driveway before this last price drop. There’s a few things about it that I’m not fond of, but it’s about as close as I’ve seen to what I’d like in a CJ6.

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