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U.S. Army Amphibian Jeep (Quack) Model & Video

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I just picked up this U.S. Army Amphibian Jeep model (1/2″ scale). It’s dated 1943 from the Mod-Ac Manufacturing Company, LA, California. It looks complete. I’ve never run across a reference to these being called “Quacks”, but it makes sense given the larger ones are referred to as “Duks”.


Here’s a video of some “Quacks” in action during their testing dates at the Ford Rouge Plant. Lots of video shots I have never seen.


2 Comments on “U.S. Army Amphibian Jeep (Quack) Model & Video

  1. Ranger Bob in Colorado

    These GPA’s (seep’s) don’t appear to have the folding skirts on the front to cut down bow spray. These vehicles were a disappointment. Too heavy and slow on land. The Volkswagen Schwimwagen was a different story. It was used extensively by the Germans during WWII. Interesting video.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    They were a bust for the US for sure. The Russians got more use out of them, as they worked well for some of the swampy/boggy areas/lakey inland areas the Russians encountered.

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