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More Unique Warn Brochures

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Maury has created the most extensive Warn history that I have seen to date. He just uncovered some additional Warn brochures and has wound them into his already extensive history here:

Below are a couple of interesting ones he’s added. First, this approximately 1953 sales sheet seems to target potential resellers of Warn Hubs (around early 1955 Warn moved to selling hubs only through Willys dealers). I had not idea Warn was advertising in ten different magazines by 1953.


This next brochure is actually a testimonial for Warn. However, it’s hard to read, so I’ve broken it up into sections at the bottom of the post.

warn-testimonial-brochure2-lores warn-testimonial-brochure1-lores

Here’s the same brochure lightened and separated for easier reading (sorry the colors aren’t better):



warn-testimonial-brochure-part3 warn-testimonial-brochure-part4




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  1. David Eilers Post author


    Glad you enjoyed that. I had to enlarge it so I could read it, so I figured a others might benefit, too.

    – Dave

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