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Product Merchandising Manual Circa 1955

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Several months ago a reader purchased a product merchandising manual with over four hundred pages, used by the Willys Motors marketing department. Over the succeeding months, we scanned and assembled this into a PDF. I’m dating it at 1955 because it introduces the new CJ-5. It’s not entirely complete, but there’s lots in it.

I’d like to thank the generous reader for making this available to everyone! I wish everyone the best for 2019!!

Here are a few pages:

40-merchandising-manual-cj5-lores 131-merchandising-manual-cargopc-lores 167-merchandising-manual-fire-engine-lores


1-merchandising-manual-index 1a-merchandising-manual-toc


9 Comments on “Product Merchandising Manual Circa 1955

  1. Frank Porfidio

    Merry Christmas David . Please thank whoever did that !! just skimmed through it but it really does look great !!

  2. Glennstin

    Dave, I also have one of these, not complete. Email me with what you think is missing. I’ll try to also see if anything I have doesn’t match. Maybe between us we can find some more of it. Glenn

  3. David Eilers Post author


    Will do when I get a chance. Glad to see your made it home. I’m dealing with various family members’ health issues for the next month (and on top of that I caught a cold on Xmas eve)!

    – Dave

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