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1971 Photo of the XJ 001 Jeep on eBay

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This is a press photo of the XJ 001. If you don’t remember, this prototype jeep was built on the CJ-5 chassis and power by the 360CI AMC V-8. Essentially, it was a 4WD muscle car. You can read about the vehicle on Hemmings. Unfortunately, the prototype was destroyed in an accident as it was being transported. The article also indicates some folks called the 1998 Jeepster prototype the ACT II of the XJ-001.

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1971-xj-001-jeep1 1971-xj-001-jeep2

Here’s a photo from the internet that shows the front:



3 Comments on “1971 Photo of the XJ 001 Jeep on eBay

  1. Jim Johnson

    A lot of misinformation in the Hemming’s article. They mention Quadra Trac full time 4wd. That was only used behind the T400 automatic transmission. That would be difficult to do with the T400 automatic transmission/Quadra Trac on a CJ5 wheelbase. CJ7s used that drivetrain combination. If you look closely at the interior shot, you will see the clutch pedal which shows a manual transmission.
    One arrived on tour at our dealership and my dad drove one. It was only around the block if I recall as it was not licensed/registered. I have what I believe are 4 of the only known photographs of an XJ-001 at a Jeep dealership and other than known official press photos.

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