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MB Tub and Fenders Boise, ID $200


The tub is rough, but maybe there’s something here someone can use?

“Selling the tub and fenders for a 1942 Jeep Willy’s MB.
They are not in the best shape, but not too bad considering they went through WWII.
They would be good for parts or candidates for a build. I was planning on using for a build, but I need the space for other projects. No title.”



4 Comments on “MB Tub and Fenders Boise, ID $200

  1. David

    1. I wish this kind of stuff was closer to me. It would be crazy to pay for shipping.
    2. What is that under the cover in the last pic?

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I don’t recognize the front of the car. I thought it might be a 260z, but the grille is too narrow.

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