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1943 American Car Company Ad

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This May 23, 1943, American Car Company Ad was published in the Evening Star, out of Washington, D. C.. Given Bantam lost the production contract in 1941, it seems an unusual ad, especially many folks probably hadn’t heard of nor seen a Bantam vehicle.



3 Comments on “1943 American Car Company Ad

  1. MATT

    Bantams are my favorite Jeep. (BRC-60’s and BRC-40’s) That was part of the Lend-Lease deal, right?

  2. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    Looks like Bantam believed they would be manufacturing jeeps (or some other vehicle) for the post-war market. They only ended up making trailers.

  3. Tracy

    From what I’ve read the “production” 40 BRCwas passed on to the British and Russian armies under lend lease when the US decided to give the contact to Willy’s.

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