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1953 Power Wagon Bus Oconomowoc, WI $12,000

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UPDATE: Filing this under “it’s a small world”, Merlin posted a different Power Wagon Bus from Barnfinds yesterday.

Roger spotted this unusual power wagon on Facebook. I’m a fan.

“1953 power wagon school bus. Pm if interested for more info.”

1953-powerwagon-bus-oconomowoc-wi1 1953-powerwagon-bus-oconomowoc-wi2


13 Comments on “1953 Power Wagon Bus Oconomowoc, WI $12,000

  1. Dan Zetterberg

    A running 1948 dodge bus sold for 4k this week in Washington state. Owner had it listed at 8k with no buyers the week before. Rare doesn’t always equal expensive. With nine kids it would have been in my driveway if I didn’t have a 1943 wc63 in the rebuild que already…

  2. Niels Pedersen

    Dan, I’m surprised if true. 4K doesn’t buy much nowadays. I posted this ad on a a 1ton FB page and tons of interests

  3. Mike

    Prices are inflated now a days, you take what you can get. I’ve been saying this forever, don’t count on getting rich, not going to happen. OK, moving on to more important subject matter concerning this Power Wagon bus. As rare as it is, I’m curious to know the bus body manufacturer, many school bus body Companies even today, If I were to take a educated guess, I’d say a WARD bus body. Anybody into this subject?

  4. Dan B.

    Oconomowoc – home of the “5 O’s” baseball team, the theater that first played “The Wizard of Oz,” and apparently, this. GLTTS.

  5. Doug in Ohio

    I am just guessing because of how old the body is but I don’t think it is a Ward body.the rubrails don’t terminate or seem right to be a Ward.maybe a Carpenter or Superior?

  6. Doug in Ohio

    Looking at old Blue Bird pics they were using the same type rub rail back then that they still use today,two major I don’t think this is a Blue Bird body.The rub rails seem familiar but I am not positive of the make.Ward uses a smoother rub rail with less pronounced ribs.
    As far as School Bus manufacturers today in the U.S.A. for large type buses there is Blue Bird,Thomas and IC.(Navistar) that is basically an updated Ward body on an Navistar chassis.Not sure if the Lion bus is still around.

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