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1941 Article about the New Jeeps

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This article was published in the May 20, 1941, issue of the Evening Star. It’s rare to see a Willys MA in newspaper photos.




7 Comments on “1941 Article about the New Jeeps

  1. MATT

    Cool MA.
    -Yeah, that’s probably going downhill with the clutch in.
    Think they could go that fast, but why on earth would you want to? (aside from bullets rapidly heading in your general direction of course.)
    40-45mph tops is where I run my 3A and it’s wound pretty tight with 5.38’s and stock wheels and tires.

  2. Craig in ME

    With a T84 tranny and 4:88 axle, WWII jeeps were a ‘tad’ bit faster than their later counterparts…lol.

  3. Gliii

    The “mile a minute “ quote was official disinformation. I’ve seen a few ads & newsreels that misquoted the performance of various military vehicles & aircraft. Especially if they were in service before the war started. Keep the enemy guessing.

  4. Iowa steve

    used as command and reconnaissance cars.
    missed the mark on that…………………………. became so common they were filled with privates.

    (except for rat patrol)

  5. John North Willys

    1st gear — slow — 2nd gear — slow — 3rd gear — ditto — s=l=o=w — over and out ..

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