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4-Corners Postcard With Wagon Towing Airstream

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That looks like a big trailer for that wagon. It must have tested the brakes.

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“A Vintage printed postcard as described in title




11 Comments on “4-Corners Postcard With Wagon Towing Airstream

  1. Mike

    That’s what I always liked about the Willys advertising, they always S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-D the truth. I remember a TV commercial for the CJ5 while watching Maverick as a child, a CJ5 with a winch pulled a school bus up the side of a cliff. As an eight year old, boy was I impressed. My Uncle Joe viewed this commercial and just rolled his eyes. I’m sure we can find this someplace on utube. Kind of reminds me of Joe Isuzu.


    this is BALONEY — I wouldn’t tow a trailer with any willys wagon — L-134 , F-134 , L6-148 , L6-161 , F6-161 , 6-226 , 6-230 ( maybe the 6-230 could do it , slowly and in low range up hills )

  3. Mike

    Speaking of Joe Isuzu, The Isuzu always reminded me of the old Willys wagons, that “crackerbox” styling was intentional to capitalize on the Willys wagon. In the same manor of thinking, so was the advertising, as in the Trooper commercial where a helicopter flying high above a mountain top plateau. lands with Joe Isuzu standing next to a Isuzu Trooper, a stretch of the imagination for sure. (Have I got a deal for you) The history of Willys Jeep vehicles was way ahead of is time, not only in SUV’s but also influenced automotive advertising. To think back in time, how one of the smallest vehicle producers of the era, survived throughout the decades to become a leader in the automotive industry.

  4. Terry

    This a postcard for the 4 corners area ,not any Willys advertising . I have towed several Airstream Trailers and they are very light, a Willys wagon could pull a single axel Airstream with ease .


    that 4 corner monument is a lot different now — its huge , flags flying , statues , diners , big parking lots , real tourist trap — much more interesting is the mesa verde national park , a little farther east , then hit the BIG BEAR JEEP TRAIL IN THE SAN JUAN MTS — THE MECCA OF ALL JEEP ROADS !!

  6. Mark

    I agree with Terry as I own an Airstream. The trailer in the pictures probably weighs less than 3000 lbs.

  7. Doug in Ohio

    Airstream trailers are built in Jackson Center Ohio.I was told that the factory refers owners wanting major repairs done to a small company 15 miles from me that refurbishes them.

  8. Blaine

    Maybe they unhitched the trailer to run around with the Jeep. It’s also difficult to see if anything is supporting the tongue of the trailer if it really isn’t hitched to the Jeep. The Jeep is just as capable as any other car from the 1940’s. Some of those cars towed even bigger heavier trailers.

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