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Jeep Truck Cargo-Personnel Carrier Brochures on eBay

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UPDATE II: It appears there were two models of the Cargo-Personnel Carrier. One brochure shows that the Willys-Overland Export Company was the only entity offering this no-door Cargo-Personnel Carrier internationally (no mention of “Willys Motors” on the end of the last page of the brochure, but the bottom brochure’s last page shows both names).  Here are the brochures’ cover pages side by side:


Both are currently listed on eBay. Here’s the first:

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year-willys-cargo-personnel-carrier-brochure1 year-willys-cargo-personnel-carrier-brochure2 year-willys-cargo-personnel-carrier-brochure3


UPDATE:  This is a complete Willys Cargo-Personnel Carrier brochure. 

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15 Comments on “Jeep Truck Cargo-Personnel Carrier Brochures on eBay

  1. frankthecrank58

    even looks like a fold down windshield, if you look at the truck and one of the illustrations

  2. Desert Jim 1960

    back in the early to mid 70’s the forest service still had a few of them in New Hampshire and Vermont for bringing in fire fighters to fight forest fires. I wonder what happened to them?

  3. Steve

    Looking through some brochures, some had a fold down windshield like a cj with the arms, later some had the cj5 type fold down. Some didn’t fold. Willys america says they have one but no picture posted. Most were exported as the army didn’t buy them here.

  4. Robert Buckmaster

    The Ione parlor of the Native Sons of the Golden West has had one donated to them for a project. I have pictures. It is in real bad shape. In process of pulling the body off of the frame.

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Hi Robert,

    I’d love to see and share the photos with readers if possible. I think we can offer some guidance if they have any questions. It’s such a rare vehicle that finding information about restoring it can be difficult. Feel free to email me pics and info at


    – Dave

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