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Jeeps Pulling Airstream Trailers

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Thanks to Blaine for spotting some of these jeep-pulling-airstream trailer images. That led me to search for some more. I think my favorite might just be the post from Kaiser Willys, as a wagon owner named Richard Carr pulled his airstream down to Baja, Mexico, for a six month vacation in 2010 and was still there as of 2015. I guess he found his spot in the world!


These were some of Blaine’s finds:

blaine-airstream-wagon blaine-airstream-wagon4 blaine-airstream-wagon3 blaine-airstream-wagon2


This one is from the CJ-2A page via Photobucket:


And a couple more from Pinterest:






5 Comments on “Jeeps Pulling Airstream Trailers

  1. Mike

    Just some commentary, from where did he tow the trailer to Mexico, miles make a difference. I think that’s an important fact overlooked. Is this a stock wagon? Look at the front left tire, notice it sticks way out beyond the fender, could be off set wheels, or maybe sitting on something other than a stock Willys drive train. Not being critical, just observing.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    If I can make some time, I’ll contact Rachel @ Kaiser Willys to see if she knows the answer.

  3. Mike

    Look at that side view, wheel base seems to be too far back in the rear. I think this is not a stock wagon.

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