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1944 Parade in Paris w/Jeeps

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UPDATE II: Thanks to Fred for finding a second video, this time in color. Besides the parade, it shows a few remaining snipers in Paris, captured germans, and other events.

I don’t know why, but sometimes the video comes up “video unavailable” within this page. If it doesn’t work, try this link:

UPDATE: Thanks to Fred for sharing the video of this event (original link here).

(12/06/2018) Must have been an amazing parade!

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“1944 Press Photo Jeeps & Jeeps on Paris Road 1940s France WWII. You are bidding on an original press photo of Jeeps & Jeeps on Paris Road 1940s France WWII. The thin green lines that show on the photo in the listing are the result of a bad scan & the lines are NOT on the actual photo. Photo measures 7 x 9 inches and is dated 9/3/1944.”




7 Comments on “1944 Parade in Paris w/Jeeps

  1. Niels Pedersen

    Being in color makes things so much more interesting. There is a scene where a soldier takes off his helmet and hits a German officer on the head with it… hilarious.
    BTW- my Mom is Danish and she grew up as a young girl in occupied Denmark. She saw a lot of things that’s todays snowflakes could not comprehend. I showed her a couple minutes of this and now she wants me to look up the liberation of Denmark. She remembers the English marching in…

  2. Joe

    Thank you Fred for posting this awesome film footage. My uncle was the Commander of an M10 Tank Destroyer in combat and never made it home alive to talk about it. When I see those M10’s passing in review during that parade, I like to think that it might have been he and his crew participating.

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