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‘Metal Shaper’ Has Items For Sale

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Brian’s got some items for sale in the video below. You willy likely recognize him as Metal Shaper on Youtube. He’s been doing regular videos over the past two years and, as usual, his work is great. You can view his entire video list here:


16 Comments on “‘Metal Shaper’ Has Items For Sale

  1. LUKE octavio

    I would like to purchase your steering box lube , let me know how to go about it , thank you

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Gordon,

    You can try contacting Brian at metalshaper @ (remove the spaces around the @) and see if he has any. I know he made a few.

    – Dave

  3. Myles Ritter

    Hi my name is Myles I am restoring an June 1952 M38 I’m about to rebuild the engine and I was watching your video on YouTube on mean seals. I currently drive a 1947 willies in the rear main seal leaks pretty bad I’ve tried to change it in the Jeep twice same results. I would like to buy some of your plug material for the rear main seal from the video that I watched if possible

  4. Douglas Battjes

    Love the videos,,the one on the distributor is great,,,sent a question on the tube channel.,,,question about a Willys Pickup , 53 wiring issue,,have a new wiring harness,,and shows barely in the dia. wire with 3 legs black wire with one tracer going from the gauge volt regulator. other end to the left side or the temp gauge, and the other to the left term of the oil term…but doesn’t say what side of the voltage reg. gauge,,,would assume the + side, may you have worked on similar model , as most Willys are the same.


  5. Cyril Turek

    I’m interested in buying some Ring gear bolts that are drilled… can I get your number so I can get it ordered…or call me at 330/719/0570…or just tell me where you get them… I’m restoring a 46 2A… thanks

  6. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Cyril … contact Brian at metalshaper @ (remove spaces around the @ before emailing).

    – Dave

  7. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Douglas,

    Contact Brian at metalshaper @ (remove spaces around the @ before emailing).

    – Dave

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