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1945 Article on How to Handle War Surplus

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This July 15, 1945, article in the Evening Star featured a great shot of Ford GPAs. I thought the article was interesting, too. It highlights the challenges of managing war surplus (links to page 1 and page 2 of original article).



1945-07-15-eveningstar-americas-next-move-surplus-2 1945-07-15-eveningstar-americas-next-move-surplus-3



One comment on “1945 Article on How to Handle War Surplus

  1. pascal

    I have always believed that surplus war was the fruit of the efforts of a whole nation and that it belonged to them. I believe that the way it has been managed has been for the benefit of industry and not for the benefit of citizens. A lot of those Chevy, Willys, Dodge truck, car and tractors would have served the people who worked very hard well after the end of the war. I can hardly believe that there were not enough boats. The war is already a mess of human life so why wasted so many resources from such a great sacrifice. It’s as if we had won but lost in another way.

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