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1952 M-38 Sells for $67,200 at Barrett Jackson Event

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This less than accurate restoration of an M-38 sold for $49,500 in 201. Then, just last month, it was auctioned for $67,500, though a portion (no note on how much) of the proceeds was supposed to go to a military charity (it remains unidentified).

Interestingly, Hagerty Insurance valued it at $10,500, which seems a pretty fair estimate.

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6 Comments on “1952 M-38 Sells for $67,200 at Barrett Jackson Event

  1. CraigInPA

    If the machine gun is functional (unlikely), the price is a lot closer to reality (although still high).

  2. Dave

    Wow, so if I pile a bunch of stuff on to my $20,000 GPW, it’ll be worth $67,000? Time to hit the swap meets.

  3. Mike

    As I was reading the comments, the following thought came to mind; In the old days, auctions would plant what is known a schle, in the bidding audience to bid and drive up the price. Knowing this and taking into consideration the insane high prices being paid at Barrett Jackson auctions, I wonder if this is a possibility. Yes, the fact is that these auctions attract rich buyers, but even rich guys want to hold on to their money.

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