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Escape From Burma in Ford GPs

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During a 75,000 mile adventure between 1940 and 1942 Life photographer George Rodger photographed the growing war across Africa, Europe, and Asia. During the latter part of his adventures he found himself using, then abandoning, Two Ford GPs sent to the Chinese as he and his fellow adventurers escaped Burma. He reported on these adventures, through photos, in the August 10, 1942, issue of Life Magazine.


1942-08-george-rodger-75000k-fordgp-photos-65 1942-08-george-rodger-75000k-fordgp-photos-66 1942-08-george-rodger-75000k-fordgp-photos-67

1942-08-george-rodger-75000k-fordgp-photos-68 1942-08-george-rodger-75000k-fordgp-photos-69 1942-08-george-rodger-75000k-fordgp-photos-70 1942-08-george-rodger-75000k-fordgp-photos-71 1942-08-george-rodger-75000k-fordgp-photos-72 1942-08-george-rodger-75000k-fordgp-photos-73


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