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1952 M-38 Gilbert, AZ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $13,000.

(01/29/2019) Abe is selling his M-38. 1952-m38-gilbert-az2



“1952 M-38 95% restored. If you are looking for a fun collector car, or if you like to have people wave as you drive down the road, this is the jeep for you.

M38 was a Korean War era Jeep that was only in production for 2.5 years. Original Body tub. All wires redone front to back. New gauges, gauge cluster, exhaust, fuel lines, fuel tank, brakes, new original wheels, new tires, upholstery, windshield, windshield seal, pintle hook, antenna, starter, solenoid, carburetor rebuild, new air intake, pioneer gear (axe/shovel). I have original data plate, and paint for touch up. This is great in a parade or to advertise your business!

I have clean title, so you dont have to worry about inspection or anything.

The only thing not original on this jeep is that it was converted to 12 volt (regular battery works) and we added seat belts and turn signals, and a horn that makes a fun sound.

I have had in the family for 30 years. Only selling, because I am tired of having too much stuff and I just dont drive it enough to enjoy it like I used to.

NO TRADES, I do not need help selling. Cash or verifiable cashiers check. I have title and Im ready to sell. Buy it before I change my mind!”


8 Comments on “1952 M-38 Gilbert, AZ **SOLD**

  1. Mike W

    I think i saw this Jeep at the AZ MVCC Show this weekend. Very nice M38. I believe it was parked next to my V-35’s. Its such a small world, i live in Gilbert as well and have never seen the Jeep around town or met the owner to my knowledge. Good luck with the sale.

  2. Terry

    17 grand !!! and it’s 12 volts and it’s missing lots of stuff ( top bows , brackets , windshield wipers ) where do these guys come up with theses prices ? He says you should buy this jeep if you like to ride around and have people wave at you .if you want to ride down the road and have people wave to you ,you should see a shrink .

  3. Joe in Mesa

    YES, this was at the AMVCC Show this past weekend. It’s very nice and runs great. Owner typically drives this every year in the Mesa (East Valley) Veterans Day parade, which is where I met him.

    I recommended this price (actually a bit higher) based on many recent “sold” prices. Current M38 prices surprised me as well. That said, he’s willing to work with serious buyers price-wise: make an offer!
    And I actually do like to ride around and have people wave at me: feels like being in a parade when I drive my 42 GPW around my neighborhood. What’s wrong with driving around putting smiles on people’s faces?

  4. Mike W

    One of the most satisfying parts of preserving a Military Vehicle is the reactions i get from the public, i too enjoy driving around and getting waved at as well as approached at gas stations and other places just to talk about the vehicle. The Public generally really appreciates a Military Vehicle and especially Jeeps. Everyone has a connection to the Vehicles they used and were around when in the military. I should probably see a shrink for spending all the time and money i have on my Jeeps but i don’t regret any of it. I did not think the price out of line considering what it would cost to restore one of these its a bargain.

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