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Starting the Morning off w/ a Bang

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Tom shared this video short of 105mm Recoilless Rifle mounted to an M-38.


3 Comments on “Starting the Morning off w/ a Bang

  1. SteveK

    As part of my Basic Training at Fort Jackson, SC, we were shown a demonstration of a variety of WAR WEAPONS including the “recoilless on a Jeep”. They added one more dimension to the later demonstration from the video, they placed dummies “behind the rifle” to watch the impact for SAFETY REASONS, as well as the participants wore “protective ear gear” during the demo. It was very accurate waaaaay down the field. Impressive! Neither Target nor Dummies survived…

  2. Tom in pa

    The Jeep didn’t move much when they fired the gun. Must have had emergency brake on.
    A couple days ago ewillys listed a 1959 cj3b J4c. This gun fits inside that jeep. Windshield has space cut out in the middle where this gun fits.


    I need that in my neighborhood , its a BAD NEIGHBORHOOD , lots of crooks , I checked under my cj-6 , on the frame , I can see where a machine gun mount would be , its not there , maybe scab one off a m-38a1 , m-170 ?

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