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Video Tour of Jimmy Strauss Jeeps

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Roger Martin shared this tour of Jimmy Strauss’ jeep shop.


7 Comments on “Video Tour of Jimmy Strauss Jeeps

  1. Mike

    Great video, found the half track interesting. No note was made of what Company manufactured it. To my recollection, White Motors of Cleveland Ohio, was the leading producer of half tracks for the war effort, was this one manufactured by White?

  2. 45FordGPW

    Jim’s shop just completed a GPW engine rebuild for me last month. The master rebuilder is 91 year old Norm Sappenfield who owned the shop that has now transitioned over to Jimmy Strauss Jeeps. The 45FordGPW link goes to a page where I’ve posted pics of the engine rebuild. In the background you can see many of the other jeeps in the process of restoration, including a Bantam, an MA, a couple of Slat Grills, and a very early GPW. Amazing place to visit, and top notch work.


    hahahaha , not much to rebuilding a willys 4 , we rebuilt them in junior high auto shop , pretty damn basic , even a caveman could do it ..

  4. Dan

    There are many caveman rebuilds out there that have a rough time going to the yearly parade. I’ll take a rebuild from a 91 yr old who’s forgotten more than I’ve learned…

    I’m currently rebuilding a tranny/transfer case that was “rebuilt” by a known professional rebuilder of the caveman variety. Be careful of the arrogant ones…

  5. Jacob

    Talked with Jimmy about help me to finish my ’45 MB. His team does excellent work and I am looking forward to working with them! Cheers!

    – Jacob

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