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Maury’s Vintage Tire Post at the EarlyCJ-5 Page

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Maury has created a vintage tire post for the EarlyCJ-5 page. I expect it will expand as more folks visit it.



6 Comments on “Maury’s Vintage Tire Post at the EarlyCJ-5 Page

  1. Mike

    When I bought my Jeepster Commando new in February of 1968, it came equipped with 5 Goodyear Suburbanite tires as did most Jeep vehicles of that era. For some strange reason, the 4 were tubeless and the spare was tube type. On a excursion to Franklin, NJ, the side wall of the passenger side rear gave out, switched to Firestone after that.

  2. Hollis Wooldridge

    I always liked the Armstrong Tru-Trac, which I think derived from the Goodyear Hi-Miler, and eventually turned into the current STA tire. Probably the same molds got bought and sold as time went by.

    Those tires were noisy and stiff but great performance off-road. They probably could have cut down on the noise if the lugs had been timed differently.

  3. Colin Peabody

    I had a set of Armstrong Tru-Tracs on my 74 CJ5 equipped with a built AMC 304. Those tires, while noisy on the highway, were great in the desert of southern Arizona and did a good job of keeping the Jeep on the ground around town when the loud pedal got pushed a little too hard!

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