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1959 CJ-5 Corona de Tucson, AZ $1000


Seems like there is some value here.


“I bought this beauty 18 months ago with great aspirations of having a “fun garage project” for the same model and year of vehicle I learned to drive in way-back-when. Great intentions! Unfortunately, I have had practically ZERO time to work on it and my wife wants her garage back. Long-story-short….the first 1k gets it and I will have peace in the my home. By the end of this coming weekend, Sunday, 2/17, if it’s not gone, it gets donated to Kars-4-Kids.

What you get….1959 Willys CJ5 with a 225 Dauntless 6 cylinder, 3 speed, 4wd. I bought new drum brakes, brake cylinders, and master cylinder and those all go with it (I have receipts….$700). I drove it for about 10 miles right after I bought it and I realized the brakes were about to go…..and they did. I just never did the work on installation. Also, a new steering wheel….nothing wrong with the existing one other than it has some wear…for you to swap out. Also included is a Willys parts catalog. Engine runs fine. Tires are all fine. Just has NO brakes.

If this is for you, you need to trailer it home….remember it has NO brakes. I have clear title. Clock is ticking.”


2 Comments on “1959 CJ-5 Corona de Tucson, AZ $1000

  1. Joe in Mesa

    “This posting has been deleted by its author.”
    That sold fast! …or seller is rethinking that price?

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