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1943 Photo of WACS in Jeeps

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Fort Belvoir was happy with the WACs they had and was hoping to recruit more. An article in the July 25, 1943, issue of the Sunday Star covered the recruitment program.



2 Comments on “1943 Photo of WACS in Jeeps

  1. Joe in Mesa

    Good ole Fort Belvoir: was assigned there 3 different times… but no WACs (nor WWII jeeps) still there in the 80s or 90s :-(.
    Essayons (Army Engineer motto)!


    bogus , my mother was a ww2 navy wave , helped make the a-bombs they dropped on japan , pops was on the uss hornet , cv-8 , paul allens research ship just found it at the bottom of the sea , 17,500 feet down , sunk in the battle of santa cruz islands , pops had to abandon ship , met ma in texas a few years later , that where I come in , a draft dodging son of ( 2 ) HEROS !! ps , pops always bragged about how the navy swabbies would steal the army grunts jeeps and change the hood numbers , hahahaha …

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