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Squirrel Cage Article and Photo

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UPDATE II: Bob Westerman shared a few cage photos he’s found during his research:


squirrel-cage-jeep2 squirrel-cage-jeep4

UPDATE: Dan tracked down this detailed explanation of the Squirrel Cage:


The November 9, 1948, issue of the Evening Star ran a short article on the Squirrel Cage. A February 1949 issue of Mechanix Magazine ran the same photo (and it’s more clear).

The Evening Star photo and caption:


The Modern Mechanix photo and caption:


7 Comments on “Squirrel Cage Article and Photo

  1. Lew

    Can only imagine the debris falling upon the vehicle and its occupants as driven over a muddy swamp. Without some way of shedding that I think this idea would be considered incomplete.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Where we’re going, we don’t need roads!
    Congratulations for reinventing the tracked vehicle 🙂

    Lew makes a good point about debris… what a mess.

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