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UPDATE: This is the original patent for the Jeep-a-Loader! The application was first filed on February 07, 1955, by the Minneapolis Freeman Mfg, Co. (Out of Minneapolis??). I am guessing that the Jeep-A-Loader Corporation was a subsidiary or offshoot from the above parent company. The drawing shows that the Jeep-A-Loader was designed to fit over a CJ-3B (perhaps a CJ-5 as well), though the only one I’ve seen documented is fitted on a CJ-3A.

The filing date likely means this was manufactured around 1955, plus or minus a year. The patent was granted February 11, 1958.

1955-02-07-jeep-a-loader-patent1 1955-02-07-jeep-a-loader-patent2 1955-02-07-jeep-a-loader-patent3

This photo is from 2009:

From June 2008:  A reader named Ed sent me some pics of a rare find he just purchased:  A front end loader for a jeep from a manufacturer called Jeep-a-Loader.   The serial number is 1001. The hydraulics system is powered by a Hy-lo hydraulic pump, which has been used to power other Willys devices.  You can see an example of a Hy-lo pump here and here.  Here are some pics below.

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3 Comments on “Jeep-A-Loader

  1. Dave from Mn

    Looks like they skipped the shock or support thing off the front axle. Good idea ,it would have caused problems in my mind.

  2. Robert Mooler

    never seen one but it would be handy to move WILLYS OVERLAND JEEP ENGINES , AXLES , BODY PARTS , TRANSMISSIONS AND ASSORTED OTHER STUFF IN in my yard .

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