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Vintage Trans America Trail Tour in 2020

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Peter Heyniger is organizing a cross-the-US vintage 4×4 tour along the Trans American Trail for the summer of 2020. He’s looking for participants, sponsors, and helpful folks along the route. The tour welcomes vintage jeeps, landcruisers, broncos, and other older 4x4s. He expects that to complete all 5200 miles will take seven to eight weeks; folks have the option of doing all or part of the route.

You can learn more at his website:



7 Comments on “Vintage Trans America Trail Tour in 2020

  1. Roger from So. Oregon

    I didn’t see any mention of registration on their website. I wonder as the launch date gets closer if they will put a cap on the amount of vehicles per day.
    Or maybe not, I hope that is the case.

  2. Dave from Mn

    Guess I should have tried the other link. Still not quite clear on the route. Go across South Dakota and backtrack?

  3. Joe DeYoung

    You can get more info about the trail itself at… This link is not the 2020 event… just the trail and info from the original person’s website that figured it out.

    It sounds really fun and interesting, but I’m not sure about eating dust for 5000 miles in a convoy.

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