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DJ-3A Dispatcher Pizza Jeeps

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Mike spotted this 1960s photo on Facebook. It shows some DJ-3A Dispatchers doing pizza delivery work for Volcano Pizzeria, a North New Jersey pizza place in the 1960s. Mike notes there were a lot of pizza jeeps in the area at the time.



3 Comments on “DJ-3A Dispatcher Pizza Jeeps

  1. Mike

    Pizza Jeeps From The Past

    These Jeep DJ3A Hardtop Dispatchers were popular delivery vehicles in NEW Jersey during the 1960’s. Chicken Delight, Steve’s Pizza Restaurant, Bruno’s House of Pizza, Sunny Honey Ribs & Chicken, in my area of North Jersey, just to name a few. Back in the day, pizza ovens were placed in the rear behind the drivers seat between the wheel wells. These ovens were kept warm by lighting a can of Sterno and placing it in the oven, got so hot in there the upper rear hatch was kept open or removed. Well, we all know where the gas tank location is on these Dispatchers, yes, that’s correct, right under the Sterno pizza ovens. This is a viable expatiation for why the burned out Chicken Delight Dispatcher I bought back in 1965 for $250.00 caught fire in the first place.

    When I got my drivers License and bought a new 1967 Commando, I became designated driver for the gang. In Clifton, (Better known as the town of the living dead) time was heavy on our hands, so our favorite past time was chasing pizza Jeeps, crazy, but true. (Didn’t everybody do this?) Bruno, of Bruno’s House of Pizza, lived in a modest, small house a mile from his business on Route 4 Fairlawn, NJ. When he made pizza deliveries, he also delivered Coke, not unusual right? Well, Bruno delivered the “OTHER COKE” with the pizzas. Needless to say, Bruno ended up loosing his business, his modest small house in Fairlawn, NJ and moved into the BIG HOUSE in Trenton, NJ. (IfyouknowwhatImean). True story.
    By the way, did anybody notice how the body sheet metal covers the rear wheels on the Dispatcher pictured above? I’ve never seen that before, trying to figure it out.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Another fantastic story Mike! I’ve never seen a DJ with that wheel coverage either.

    I’ve also never heard of chasing pizza jeeps. Kids are creative, right?

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