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1947 CJ-2A Traverse City, MI **Status Unknown**


UPDATE: **Status Unknown** Was $5000. Lacks front parking lights. Still work to be done (see bottom of post for list).

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(03/09/2017) “Selling my 1947 CJ-2A. $9500. Located in Traverse City, MI. Could deliver.
This is a really well cared for, well preserved, near original, unmolested 1947 Willys CJ-2A. This Jeep is not a mint, off-the-assembly-line restoration with new body or panels or filler. Rather my restoration approach was to maintain the history of this jeep by preserving it in its current state, yet making it attractive, safe, and reliable, but still near original condition. This was a farm jeep from Crookston, MN (unverified) and the intent was for that character and history to remain preserved. I’ve owned this jeep for about 8 years. Last major work on it was 5 years ago. Stored indoors.

General notes:
Clean/clear PA title with antique plate.
I believe all numbers match (frame, body, engine) but would need to double check and photograph for proof.
Odometer displays 3x,xxx miles and works
Spent its life as a farm jeep in Crookston, Minnesota (unverified story from seller).
This jeep was a barn find from a widow. Her husband purchased it from the farm and stuck it in his barn in Grand Rapids, MN and left it covered, he then passed years later and the wife decided to sell. Lucky me to find it.
Only body rust holes came from some of the channels that contained wood supports but other than some holes, there is no rot, frame is solid, and there’s no indication it ever saw a road with salt. Two other holes in floor of tub were torched out, likely from the farmer to access the PTO or service/grease drive lines easier. This is part of the character and history I wanted to maintain.
When cleaning it up, I removed corn stalks from the frame, so it was truly a working farm truck.
Near all original preservation with a few safety and convenience upgrades. All components removed come with the jeep as well (e.g., 9” breaks)

Work done and new components purchased:
Cleaned and painted gas tank
New gas lines
New fuel pump
Added additional fuel filter

Body and wheels striped of paint and cleaned before being primed and painted. Clear coat not applied.
Body painted (hand mixed color to match Michigan Yellow found under serial number plate. Will need to check if any paint is left over. If not, paint is a combination of yellow, white, burgundy.
Wheels painted (match to Luzon Red (burgundy color))
Color scheme is either very rare from the factory or the wheels were taken from another Jeep. No record found on internet of a Michigan Yellow body with Luzon Red wheels.
Seat frames painted black
New seat cushions and covers
No filler and no body work done. The approach was to preserve the history of Jeep’s life while still making it attractive. Didn’t want to go as far as just clear coating over fading and patina. With this said, there are some areas of the body missing sheet metal due to rust, like near body channels that contained wood strips and under gas tank. These were distinct holes and not wide-spread rot. The body prep and paint sealed the sheet metal so no further damage should occur.

New 12V alternator
New 12V mini racing starter
New coil
New plugs and plug wires
New, historically correct battery cables
New floor starter switch
New hydraulic pressure brake switch
New, historically correct break lights with new wiring

Driveline and breaks:
New tires and tubes. Holds great air.
Upgraded breaks to dual master cylinder and 11″ CJ-5 drum breaks with refinished drums, backing plates, and all new hardware and lugs. Painted with POR-15.
All new break lines
Manual proportioning valve
New U-joints

Other info:
New steering wheel
New windsheild rubber
New hood blocks
New oil pressure line
20-40 lb oil pressure
Starts, runs, and drives great
Keeps good temperatures

Needs to be done:
12V headlight bulb and hook up wiring. (also determine if stock wiring is acceptable)
Front grille marker lights buy/install
12V horn (6v connected and works, but will burn out if used frequently or long presses from what I read)
Windshield lollipops installed (requires silver soldering new nuts (included) to windshield frame)
Stock Windshield is cracked. Need glass company to cut 2 new panes.
Parking break installed and plumbed
Buy wipers assembly (motor, blades) and install. I have some vacuum lines.
Tool box cover paint and install
Needs new tie rods if drive over 40 mph (wheel hop will occur)
Michigan Yellow pin striping on wheels
Get fuel level gauge working
Rear “4 Wheel Drive” lettering
Shifter floor cover and boots
Install headlight bezels


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  1. David Eilers Post author

    I guess it’s missing a few things and has some minor mods. I’m surprised it is still around. Maybe there’s unphotoed rust?

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