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1943 Ad for Weiners in Ford GPs

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This ad may have appeared multiple times, but appear at least once in the January 30, 1943, issue of Colliers magazine on page 29. Included below is a color version supposedly published in 1942.





11 Comments on “1943 Ad for Weiners in Ford GPs

  1. Keith Finn

    I’m sorry, but when I saw this ad, I put two and two together. I saw a beautiful woman and four condoms.

  2. Robert of Woodside

    Shirley temple was my neighbor for years , I never saw her eating hot dogs , not in Woodside , simply not done ..

  3. rdjeep

    And I suppose after the war, these “guys” tried out and got the part of the dancing hot dog in movie theater concession shorts??????

  4. Mike

    I viewed this advertisement yesterday before there were any comments, and I missed all the innuendo, how did that happen?

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