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1943 Ad for Weiners in Ford GPs

This ad may have appeared multiple times, but appear at least once in the January 30, 1943, issue of Colliers magazine on page 29. Included below is a color version supposedly published in 1942.





11 Comments on “1943 Ad for Weiners in Ford GPs

  1. Keith Finn

    I’m sorry, but when I saw this ad, I put two and two together. I saw a beautiful woman and four condoms.

  2. Robert of Woodside

    Shirley temple was my neighbor for years , I never saw her eating hot dogs , not in Woodside , simply not done ..

  3. rdjeep

    And I suppose after the war, these “guys” tried out and got the part of the dancing hot dog in movie theater concession shorts??????

  4. Mike

    I viewed this advertisement yesterday before there were any comments, and I missed all the innuendo, how did that happen?

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